Listening | “The Girl (Color Source Remix)[feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff]” from Hellberg

I recently did a screen recording to show some friends my desktop customizations I did using Rainmeter and Wallpaper Engine (perhaps I will create a post about that on this blog later). The background music that was playing in the video was Color Source’s remix of The Girl (featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff) by Hellberg. A friend sent me a text message asking what the song was because it was so good–I agree!

Color Source takes a decent song and makes it absolutely fantastic. The Girl starts off with slow, calm ocean waves crawling up and down the shore. Soft synth and clean vocals enter about twenty seconds in, with a simple rhythm following shortly after. Over the course of the next minute, the song builds elements by layering percussion and additional sound samples until the verse transitions to the drop–which is…hard to describe, but great.

The song slows back down for another verse round before building again. All 4:09 of this song is great and it remains among one of my favorites in my library.

Color Source is the stage name of Daniel Kim–dance, electronic, and future bass remix master–who is signed to Monstercat and Simplify and is most well-known for this track and his Terms and Conditions track featuring Ashely Apollodor.

If you’re looking for an electronic track to groove to featuring a great vocalism, nice rhythm, and a pretty good drop, this might just be the track for you. Give the snippet a listen above or find it on Spotify.

Happy listening,


Author: griffethbarker

Griff is a tinkerer and manager of IT, consultant of IT and management, and continuous student of organizational development. His hobbies and interests include games of all types (video, board, dice, card, tabletop, etc.) as well as listening to music, photography, and writing. Find him on LinkedIn!

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