IDP Solid Series Card Printer Not Feeding Cards from Hopper

IDP Solid 500 Casino Open Card ID Card Printer


IDP Solid 510 or similar modeled IDP Solid series card printers do not feed cards from the hopper when an application sends a card print job to the printer. The job is successfully sent, but the printer provides an error that the card is not moving.


This issue affects IDP Solid series card printers, regardless of their environment.


The issue is caused by the hopper’s feed door height being out of adjustment.


Open the front card hopper door and remove the cards.

At the left side of the hopper, there is a vertical lever with a silver background and various adjustment levels. For standard single-card feed, the adjustment lever needs to be set at 0.8. When this issue is occurring, the adjustment lever is often on a different setting. Adjust the lever as appropriate.

Replace cards and attempt a print job, and the issue should be resolved.

Additional information

The user manual for IDP solid series printers is available here. Contact your vendor for additional support information.

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