Griffeth Barker, BAS-MS

Just another pusher of buttons.

I work as an information technology professional in the casino/hospitality industry and do IT and management consulting to local small and medium businesses on the side. Outside of work, all tech remains an interest and hobby of mine along with this blog, high-fidelity audio, photography, music, racquetball, and every kind of game imaginable from cards, board, tabletop, and dice games to video games.

My Interests
  • Information technology
  • Management & organizational development
  • Blogging and writing
  • Music and high-fidelity audio
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Racquetball
  • Board, card, dice, tabletop, and video games

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Guest Contributors

Alan Larkin

Alan is guest contributor to the Personal section of this site and is the self-published creator of:

  • The Darling Bones
  • Mean for the Holidays
  • Grimoire of Finality
  • Tales of the Otherwhere
  • Compendium of Yhordric

Books and universes aside, he is also the blogger over at https://alvatobias.blog/. He’s a poet, musician, and the Polar Bear King.

Alan is an enthusiast gamer, tabletop game master, professional caffeiene addict, part-time philosopher, muser of all things, and a close friend.

Learn more about Alan:

Cody Gary

Cody a guest contributer to the Personal section of this site and is one of our resident graphic design gurus among my friends. He is an enthusiast gamer with heavy audiophile interests, a compelling tabletop games role player, and a close friend.

Learn more about Cody:

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