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It appears you have stumbled upon my humble blog. What do we do here? Well, it is a bit of a mash-up between the serious and the less-as-such. There are several things which I am passionate about and interested–all of which are posted about here ony my blog. Let’s take a quick peek behind the digital curtain!

Greetings, internet traveler!

It appears you have stumbled upon my humble blog. What do we do here? Well, it is a bit of a mash-up between the serious and the less-as-such. This is where I dump my brain and review and discuss things related to my favorite hobbies:

  • Audio | I love all things music and audio. From a young age, music was a fascination. In years 8-18 I took piano lessons, participated in multiple choirs, quartets, barbershop groups, et cetera. Additionally, listening to music has always been a favorite pasttime. With the purchase of my first set of in-ear monitors years ago, I fell in love with music all over again. In my audio posts, you’ll find what I’m currently listening to, reviews on gear/hardware, and more.
  • Games | Did someone say games?! Yep, sure did! But what kind? Any kind. Video games, board games, card games, dice games, nearly anything else is of interest to me. I am an avid gamer on PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Beyond the digital, my friends and I play things such as Zombicide, Dungeons & Dragons, Pandemic, Eldritch Horror, Catan, Magic the Gathering, and more. In my game posts, you can read about what we are playing, reviews of games, and more.
  • Business & Management | Uh…management? Yeah, you read it right! Those of you who know me know that I love all things organizational, leadership, and management; last year I wrapped up a second degree focusing in management and I like to continue my research and discussion! The theory and science behind business, management, organizational behavior/development, et cetera fascinates me, and you can find my musings, learnings, and more here.
  • Information Technology | I work as an IT professional for a living, but it’s not just a career–it’s also an interest and passion of mine! Here you’ll find some stuff from me about different technologies, administration, scripting, and more importantly, what I’m doing in my Home Lab and reviews on that hardware.
  • Photography | One of my longest-time hobbies is photography. For some time, I ran a portrait photography service over at Griffeth Barker | Elko, NV Photographer on Facebook, but I’ve since dismantled the service and now focus more on enjoying my craft, rather than making it profitable.
  • Mechanical Keyboards | Yep, that’s right. This is really a thing, and the community of enthusiasts out there building and collecting mechanical keyboards is growing! Here I’ll share photos and information about builds I’m working on, boards I’ve collected, and the typing experience on that hardware.

Well look at that…you’ve made it through my pinned post! It can’t have been all bad, right? Hey, listen. Comment down below with things you’d like to see on this blog or your interests! You stick with me and I’ll stick with you. Everything is better with friends. With that, we’ll see each other back next time! Cheers,

~ Griff