Symbol Scanner Setup for Scanning in IGT Patron Management


IGT Advantage’s Patron Management has many features which making managing patrons and their benefits easier for casinos. One such feature includes redemption of marketing coupons. The only catch is that manually looking up each player and typing in each coupon is a time consuming task. In this brief knowledgebase article, I’ll outline the steps necessary to install and configure a Symbol DS9208 3d barcode scanner device to make scanning coupons even easier.


This document delineates the steps necessary to install a Symbol DS9208 3d barcode scanner device and configure the necessary drivers and settings to enable scanning of coupons into IGT Patron Management for redemption.


This document assumes perquisites such as file share permissions, domain membership, network connectivity, etc. are already in place. This document also assumes you are performing this action on a Microsoft Windows 10 workstation with at least Update 1903 installed.

Step 1 – Workstation logon

Log in as an administrator to the workstation on which you wish to configure the Symbol DS9208 scanner device.

NOTE: The installing user must be a local administrator.

Step 2 – Copy necessary installation files

Navigate to where the installation files are located (likely a download folder, if you downloaded the resources at the bottom of this article). If the files already exist on some kind of network file share, copy the resources local to the target installation machine.

Step 3 – Launch the installer

Navigate to where you just copied the Zebra CDC driver installer and run the installer as administrator.

Step 4 – Installation wizard

In the resulting Compliance Installer splash window, click the Next button.
On the License Agreement page, click Yes.

When the InstallShield Wizard says “Ready to Install the Program,” click Install.

The InstallShield Wizard will complete and ask if you’d like to restart the computer now, or later. Select the radio button for the “now” option, then click Finish.

Step 5 – Connect the scanner

Connect the Symbol DS9208 3d barcode scanner to the workstation via the included RJ45-to-USB cable and let Windows detect the new device (you may or may not receive any toast notification about the new device—either way is fine).

Step 6 – Configuring the scanner

Once the scanner has done three short beeps, ascending in tone, and the scanning field light is on, open Device Manager by striking Windows+X on the keyboard and selecting Device Manager from the context menu.

Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) menu section.

Scan these barcodes in the following order, with 10 seconds between each scan.
Device Manager may refresh following some of the barcodes.

Enable Parameter Barcode Scanning

Enable USB – CDC Host

Disable Parameter Barcode Scanning

Following this process, Device Manager should refresh and a new COM port should be listed in the Ports (COM & LPT) menu section and will have a name something akin to “Zebra CDC Scanner.” Make note of the COM Port number.

Step 7 – Testing scanning over serial emulation

To test whether the scanner is now sending the proper barcode translation over the serial emulation driver, you’ll need to install PuTTY. This can be found at the resource link at the end of this article.

Run the software and configure it for a Serial connection on the COM port that you noted earlier in Step #6 using default settings. Begin the session.

Once the terminal window appears, scan a coupon. The barcode’s data (printed beneath the barcode in the format similar to CPxxxxx xxxxxx should appear identical in the terminal window. If it does, you may close the PuTTY session, uninstall PuTTY, and proceed to Step 8.

If this does not work, then you will need to undo everything, reboot, and begin this procedure again from Step #1.

Step 8 – Configuring IGT Patron Management

  1. Log into Patron Management as an administrator.
  2. In the ribbon at the top of the window, select the Admin tab and click Options.
  3. In the resulting Options window, use the navigation pane at the left to locate and select the Device settings.
  4. In the Comm Devices section, click the drop-down menu for Scanner Type and select COM Device.
  5. In the CommDevices section, click the drop-down menu for Scanner Port and select the COM port that you noted earlier in Step #6.
  6. Click OK and restart Patron Management.

You should now be able to scan a coupon at the home page once logged into Patron Management and it will pop up a window with a picture of the player and the coupon info, as well as OK and Cancel buttons. If so, the process is complete.

Additional information

For additional information on this procedure, the drivers, etc., you can visit the following links:

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