Configuring KeyWatcher TrueTouch Using RDS RemoteApps for a New User

Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher TrueTouch


This document will delineate the steps necessary to enable a new RemoteApps user to access the KeyWatcher TrueTouch software via Remote Desktop Application Services.


This document assumes that your environment has a remote desktop services farm and that users are accessing applications via published RemoteApps, that KeyWatcher TrueTouch is installed on the RDS Session Host, is published, and that the user is a member of the “Domain Users” security group and that they have Modify permissions to the directory where the KW Configurator is located.

Step 1 – User Profile Generation

The KeyWatcher True Touch application is installed on the remote desktop session host. Because the software provisions its configuration based on Windows user profile, it is necessary for the new user to remotely log into the server at least once prior to attempt logon to the application.

From the user’s workstation, have them open Remote Desktop Connection by going to the Start menu located in the lower-left portion of the Taskbar.

In the Start menu, search “Remote Desktop” and select the first returned search result.

In the Remote Desktop window, input the hostname of the remote desktop session host.

Alternatively, you can strike Windows+R on the keyboard and input mstsc into the resulting Run prompt, then click OK or strike Enter/Return on the keyboard.

Connect and have the user provide their usual credentials to log in. Once the user profile is generated and the user is looking at either (a) the Windows desktop environtment or (b) the Windows Server manager, have the user log out of the server and close Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 2 – TrueTouch Configurator

Once the user profile has been generated, Log into the remote session host as an administrator and navigate to the location of the TrueTouch configurator application, then launch the configurator application in the directory.

In the resulting application window, fill the checkboxes of all users that you want to be able to use the TrueTouch software.

Note: You’ll need to check all users who need access every time. If you only check the new user’s username, then only the new user will have access. This process overwrites all prior configurations.

When the appropriate users are selected, click the Configure button at the left of the application window. When the completion message appears, you may close all windows and disconnect from the server.

Step 3 – Launching Keywatcher TrueTouch via RemoteApps

The user should now be able to go to their Start menu again, locate their RemoteApps folder and expand it to reveal the KeyWatcher TrueTouch application. Upon launch, it should result in a popup login window and the status bar at the bottom of the application window should show that it is connected to the correct KeyWatcher application server.

Additional information

See the Morse Watchman KeyWatcher TrueTouch documentation for additional information. This can be obtained from Genesis Resources.