Meet the Larkins | Alan + Meryl

I don’t often do engagement photos. In fact, the only engagement sessions I’ve taken on have been those of my closest friends. Becoming some small degree of tradition, it was special to have the opportunity to work with Alan and Meryl to create a few images announcing their engagement. Below is a look at some of their images…


I’m incredibly excited for these two and love them together. There will be more to come from Alan and Meryl as we wrap up the second part of their session, so stay tuned for that.

Chasing Light & Capturing Moments

Note: Watermark website is no longer active; see

Here’s a quick one for you today!

While this blog is primarily about audio/music, gaming, and management theory, I have to put the occasional post about photography here as it is a hobby with which I am quite impassioned.

For several years, I offered professional photographic services in our state before focusing more wholly on finishing my degree. Though I ceased taking on clients full time, the occasional photography request or job still keeps me going.

The above image is from a series I shot with a model in Utah three or four years ago. This set has long been one of my favorites for the smooth, creamy lighting and breezy posing of the subject. A lot of things just worked in this session.

But what is it that makes an image work? And why bother?

There are several key components to an image and they are;

  • Composition
    • Positioning–where the photographer is positioned
    • Posing/Unposed–how the subject is posed, or candidly unposes
    • Framing–the boundaries of the image that is created; what can you see?
  • Exposure
    • Aperture–controls both amount of light let in as well as depth of field (blurry background or not)
    • Shutter Speed–controls both amount of light let in as well as how crisp the image is vs. showing blurred movement
    • ISO–the sensitivity of the film to light, or the control of how sensitive the digital sensor is to light
  • Color (or lack thereof)

More than that, though, there has to be some kind of connection and goal with an image. This shoot was great for me because I had only to focus on the technical aspects of the photo, since our model–Aubrie–was doing such a good job positioning and posing herself. A lighthearted and fun photoshoot meant we all had fun and were able to relax and really let enjoyment shine.

What I particularly like about this image: The light is just how I like it. Light, creamy, and bright enough that it smooths everything out, but isn’t blowing out the highlights and you can still see definition in the skin. The subject was relaxed smiling. The simple background and central, overhead lighting places focus on the subject. It’s sharp (in-focus) such that you can see minor details such as eyelashes.

Creating images such as this fueled my early passions in photography, and looking back through some of the work I have done often leads me to want to photograph more. While returning to school has limited the amount of time I can spend shooting, I do hope to spend more time behind the camera in the coming years.

Are you interested in photography? Feel free to share your images below! I’d love to see your work.

Happy photographing,

~ Griff

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